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Oil and Gas Recovery

There is an immediate need to make sure that we recover as much oil as possible. This has to be done at quite an affordable cost too. You will observe that for a while now, newer techniques are being used in this recovery process. This has been brought about by the current technology that is actually so advanced. It is through this technological advancement that there has been an increase in the demand of both oil and gas. You will learn that these techniques will be responsible for getting the best yield out of each reservoir. These modern technologies are responsible for the recovery of more than fifty percent of the oil that is formed. There are three basic stages that recovery takes place.

The primary recovery stage comes in first. This is the first stage that is entered once the well has been completed and is flowing. It often involves the basic method of an artificial lift. You will note that most of the time it will involve the various types of electrical, mechanical as well as hydraulic lifts. You will also note that there are several treatment methods for the well’s production that are covered in this stage. It also covers the stimulation of this production too. In most cases, this stage will be dependent on pressure that naturally occurs within the given reservoir. It is considered to recover between five and twenty percent of the oil.

Then follows the secondary recovery stage. It will usually feature the use of water flood or even gas injection. This is purposed to ensure that the reservoir’s pressure is well maintained. The use of flood technique will make sure that there is injection of a fluid or gas at one well in order to push the oil to the second well. It is in the second well that this gas or fluid is recovered. It is so common to find the water flood method being used. This process is usually complex and needs extreme expertise. In a way it is responsible for introducing external energy to the reservoir. This is the stage where about twenty to fifty percent of the oil is collected.

In the third stage, you will note that there is the use two or more combined forces. Carbon dioxide and natural gas could be such an example. You can also use water and heat. This is purposed for the production of sufficient steam. You will also learn that is the stage that slugging is commonly used. This stage has more improved effectiveness and results. You need to note that there is a necessity for improved oil recovery. It is costly. However, it is the only way to sustain the growing need of oil and gas.

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